Dawn Burns Music Ready for Next Level

Dawn B & WHello Beautiful World!

This is the beginning of the next level for the former Dawn Burns Groove. My first task is to change the name of the band. I’m not sure what that will be as I write this, so for now I will use my name. The Groove project was our first year out of the gate, and it’s been the most illuminating, challenging, heart-wrenching, joyful ride I’ve been on in a very long time.

The year 2017 has been full of extremes for me, personally.  In one year, I’ve lost three of my best friends, two very good friends, my grandmother, and my dog. I’m still grieving, but I’m finally feeling the fog lift and I’m ready to accept that life must go on. I’m ready for the next level. As I write this, the members of the band are: Brendyn Cane (drums/MD), Terrell Ross (keys), Khalin Diggins (bass), Dave Green (percussion), Brenden Sweeny (guitar), and I’m on vox.

I will be starting a fundraising campaign in January of 2018 for our recording project. I plan to record a five-song record – I have a lot to say after all these drastic life-experiences! I will be working with the best producers in the area, recording videos, and blogging about the journey as it happens.

I’ll always be so deeply grateful for all of you who support, encourage, and teach me. Please keep in touch, and if you would, help me spread this blog far and wide. I’m looking for worldwide exposure.

Peace, love and much light to each of you this holiday season and always,


Eric Wyatt Calls Upon Family in “Look to the Sky”

My dear friend, Eric Wyatt, is the first artist I’m writing about this year.  He has released his second album, Look to the Sky, on Whaling City Sound. I met Eric in Harlem when I was writing for a blog there. I was blown away by his ability to channel the great be bop masters. It’s no coincidence, considering his godfather is the one and only Sonny Rollins. This project is an homage to his parents, now deceased.

The project includes Eric Wyatt – tenor, alto and soprano sax; vocals (along with Andrea Miller on track #3); Benito Gonzalez – piano; Keyon Harrold – trumpet; Eric Wheeler – bass; Shinnosuke Takahashi – drums; Kyle Poole – drums (tracks 4 through 6).

Below is video from a recent performance of “Afro Blue” at Smalls, in NYC. The music starts at around 4:00 minutes in.  Eric is a serious, heavy jazz leader worldwide. His catalog is worth exploring. I highly recommend it!

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